Why Java Sucks For Sysadmins

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Originally taken from http://www.panix.com/userdirs/jdw/javasucks.html. Thanks to one of the guys in #PHP for the link

If Java had proper garbage collection, most programs would self-delete upon execution. — Jucius Maximus

FOREWORD: Just because this page is about Java and mentions a bunch of Java-related problems does not mean it will help you to solve them. If you’re looking for actual, immediate answers for why you’re getting «ocijdbc8 unsatisfied link error», you’ll have to look elsewhere. Sorry.

Why Java Sucks For Sysadmins

I am not a fan of Java. (The programming language, not the drink (which I love) or the place.) There are a lot of pages out there on how and why Java sucks, but most of them are written by and for programmers, e.g. «Java sucks because you can only singly inherit dynamic classless initialization methods!» (Um…yeah! Righteous! Preach it, brother!) I’m sure they’re all valid enough, but Java doesn’t just suck for programmers, it sucks for sysadmins too! There’s enough suckiness in it for everybody!
I should really specify more carefully exactly what I mean by Java (since this is something even its supporters have to do). I learned a little of Java the language proper back when it was new and the hot thing to learn: it seems like a language like any other, no better or worse than many others. Fussy with the syntax and rather verbose, but that could be said of other languages too. As a sysadmin, I don’t have to deal much with it anyway. Java the VM and class library is a different issue. That I do have to deal with. Then there’s the whole culture surrounding Java…and that’s a whole other can of worms.

That said, the major points against it from this sysadmin’s point of view are:

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linux-gate, vdso i sysenter

Sembla que aquests dies al estar a Madrid i el fet de repetir el mateix curs que vaig impartir ara fa uns mesos, m’està donant temps per llegir i fer feina pendent.

Si no saps què és la linux-gate.so.1, què hi pinta [vdso] a /proc/self/maps i has anat veient les instruccions sysenter i sysexit, intueixes què fan, però vols llegir més del tema, llegeix-te això:



Kernel de Windows vs Linux

Acabo de descobrir aquesta pàgina on comparen les característiques del kernel de Windows i les del kernel de Linux. La veritat és que per mi el kernel de Windows sempre ha estat un desconegut, i molts cops havia pensat que estaria bé trobar informació que el comparessin amb el de Linux.

El què també m’ha agradat de la pàgina, és que sembla que fa força temps que està activa, i van actualitzant les dades a mesura van sortint noves versions.