Filesystems, IDA+QEMU, PPC…

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This week I’ve been so busy at work but I’ve manage to learn some new stuff. 🙂

First think that I’ve learned has been because of a big problem at work with an Adaptec SAN device and a ext3 filesystem of 7.5Tb.  The controller stoped working and I started an impossible  filesystem recovery. The main thing that I’ve learned with this problem, has been that e2fsprogs has a library (called libext2fs)  that lets you modify the filesystem esially.  With that library you can go forward all the filesystem inodes and for example, mark half of the inodes as unused.

About IDA and Qemu, I followed the hexblog tutorial. It is quite useful to do things like that if  you don’t have an ARM CPU to test the code.

Last think that I’m working on now, is a ppc tool that I’ve to manually port to i386. This is my chance to learn about ppc asm.

And that’s all for me!